Garmin incident detection works!

I had an embarrassing spill today at Sugar Land Memorial Park. I was not riding fast but was turning from the gravel path to get to the parking lot when my front tire slid in the loose gravel and the bike fell sideways. It was a very low speed crash and the only thing damaged was my pride. I had just ridden by a man sitting on a bench and he must have heard the commotion because as soon as I looked around to see who may have witnessed the crash, he was looking my way. “Are you okay?” he asked. “Yep, I’m fine. Thanks for asking though,” I replied sheepishly.


I found this short stretch of gravel road in the middle of suburban Missouri City. Seems out of place but must be some sort of right of way.

Before I left home, I pumped my new gravel tires (Schwalbe G-Ones) to 40 psi, which is apparently to high for loose gravel. I chose 40 because I planned to ride mostly on pavement. I’m pretty sure I’ve run those paths at SLMP at that pressure before and that was before installing the new tires which have more tread than the OEM Panaracers I removed.

You know, Cannondale calls the Slate a “New Road” bike but this episode exposes one problem of the idea of one bike for any situation. The bike may be capable of any new road but your tires may not be, depending upon how much air you’ve added. I suppose one should be willing to release or add air as needed, depending on riding conditions. Obviously, releasing air is easy but I’m not typically prepared to add air for riding on paved sections. I don’t carry a pump–only CO2 cartridges in case of a flat. Maybe I should rethink that and find a small pump that could fit in my jersey pocket. I do typically carry a very small carbon pump in my jersey pocket for longer road rides. It’s really too small to completely “air” up a tire but I use it to add just a small amount of air to a tube so it’s easier to install.

152494-work-pd-03-lgThe good news is that the “incident detection” feature of the Garmin 820 seems to work. I was wearing earphones and could hear an emergency notification signal over the NPR podcast. I looked at the Garmin and it was counting down the seconds before sending out a “There’s been an incident” notification email/text to my emergency contact. I caught it just in time before my wife was notified. It’s reassuring to know that had I been unable to contact her she would have gotten the notification. I probably should actually test that feature completely. That is, let the notification go out to see if it actually works or to see if someone actually responds.


I’ve been wanting to take a panorama photo of this area and how empty it looks before all the planned development is complete. I’m a little late as the performing arts center on the left is nearing completion. But there are more office buildings, shopping centers and apartments to come. In 10 years, we’ll forget how it used to look. So today, I got the shot.

Otherwise, it was a non-eventful ride. I usually ride easy on Fridays and today was no different. I wanted to go to for coffee but while on the way to the nearest Starbucks, I decided to change things up and go to a location in Missouri City instead. By the time I got there, the sky was looking threatening and I figured I’d better head home before the rain hit.

I did ride on one of the few gravel roads in the suburbs. It’s a short section that runs between Double Lake Drive and Cross Lakes Boulevard. I wish there were more of these in the area. I also stopped to take a panorama photo of the development at University Boulevard and I69. This has been undeveloped for so long but the performing arts center is almost complete. At some point, the corner will be full of commercial stuff and we will soon forget how it once looked.

4 thoughts on “Garmin incident detection works!

  1. I took a spill today and learned how the incident detection works 😀. Like you, I should have let it go all the way through to see how it works, but I was confused and shut it off before anything was sent. It’s really nice knowing I have this feature. Glad your ‘test’ was an easy one like mine.

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  2. I never wear headphones. Unsafe. With the Bluetooth speakers available there’s no need. Though I lack unlimited data so won’t do tunes yet either. Prefer the quiet or to be tuned into traffic. Nee to get another rearview mirror

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