The Iceman’s Challenge

December 3, 2016, marked the third running of the Iceman's Challenge, a gravel race and endurance ride from the Talbert Ranch in China Spring, Texas. This year, the ride consisted of an 82 mile race and 82, 61, 48 and 31 mile non-competitive "pursuits." I completed the 82-mile pursuit event. The ride organizers bill the … Continue reading The Iceman’s Challenge

Garmin incident detection works!

I had an embarrassing spill today at Sugar Land Memorial Park. I was not riding fast but was turning from the gravel path to get to the parking lot when my front tire slid in the loose gravel and the bike fell sideways. It was a very low speed crash and the only thing damaged … Continue reading Garmin incident detection works!

Tour das Hugel (or Now is the Time on Sprockets When we Climb)

I first heard about Austin's Tour das Hugel from friends in 2015. Joyce said that she heard it was incredibly difficult. Mike said that he only rode a portion of the route and that he had horrible leg cramps afterward. I'd been to Austin many times but I didn't remember seeing any hills or even noticing … Continue reading Tour das Hugel (or Now is the Time on Sprockets When we Climb)